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Warning: Falon and Lucien are lycan and explore their sexual nature through both their human and their beast. I thought this aspect was very well written and found no complaint with these scenes but others may not find them to their liking. Also there is a little bit of delicious sandwich action going on between Lucien, Falon and Rafael.

Just a teeny tiny bit but enough to leave you panting for more!

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Feb 17, Shanyn Hosier rated it really liked it Shelves: explicit , werewolves , dystopian-fantasy. Karin Tabke has created a fascinating dystopian fantasy in her "Blood Moon Rising" series, inventing a primeval culture both vividly and compellingly depicted.

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Her mythologized races of Slayers and Lycan are riveting, her characterizations powerful, and plots mouthwateringly complex. Rafael Vulkasin, Lucien Mondragon, and Falon Corbet are back for another pulse-pounding heart-wrenching round, battling inner demons, mortal enemies, and each other.

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These three main characters are deeply flawed but Karin Tabke has created a fascinating dystopian fantasy in her "Blood Moon Rising" series, inventing a primeval culture both vividly and compellingly depicted. These three main characters are deeply flawed but thoroughly sympathetic, thanks to Tabke's deft hand. Kudos also for expertly penning a tortured, complicated scenario that continues to surprise with twists and turns: each of these characters struggle through impossible situations, damned no matter what choices they make.

Mrparka Review's "Blood Moon Rising: Lucy's Revenge, Director's Cut"

Book 2 - Bloodright - is where "all hell breaks loose," and Falon finds herself not only mated to Rafa's fraternal twin brother and rival alpha, Lucien, but falling for her true love's sworn enemy. Book 3 will no doubt manage to get these three together — and yes, I mean in the biblical sense, too — but I haven't got a clue how Tabke's going to pull it off though I can't wait to find out.

He's deliciously fleshed out into a tantalizing anti-hero. Motivated by hate and lusty revenge, he practically steals Falon from his brother, lying and cheating to keep her by his side.


Even so, he's impossible not to root for. Lucien is convincingly redeemed as his scarred, hardened heart opens up to love, both romantic and fraternal, once more — thanks to and in spite of Falon. The book isn't perfect, though. Editing is still an issue, with run-on paragraphs and a confusing handling of dialogue that sometimes makes it hard to tell who's talking. It's not enough to totally pull me out of the story, but I certainly expect better from Penguin, especially when I'm paying 10 bucks for an ebook.

But far more importantly, the sassy, strong Falon I fell in love with in the first book now threatens to become an arrogant twit, frequently getting herself killed yeah, she's died and been resurrected 3 or 4 times in the series now.

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But seeing how often she gets her ass handed to her, where does all her sudden cockiness as alpha female come from? She also starts spouting the mythic hero-speak favored by Lycans and Slayers alike — so much so that I desperately miss her sardonic quips from before. Both habits are annoying and feel out-of-character. Another criticism — and I hardly believe I'm actually going to write this — but the book gets bogged down in sex scenes. Tabke competently writes steamy, explicit sex and makes it abundantly clear that werewolves are extremely libidinous creatures, but I found myself skimming through the sex scenes to get to the far more interesting verbal and emotional interplay between characters and lively action scenes.

This is no small problem, as it felt like nearly half the book was spent documenting coitus-ad-nauseam. This series is not for the faint of heart. Sexual taboos mean little to Tabke; her werewolves fight dirty and love hard. Bestiality, dubious consent, orgiastic sex, and bloodplay all feature in her work. I doubt incest will prove to be much of an obstacle for her, and I'm predicting the brothers are about to learn a serious lesson in sharing at some point in the next installment… which I will most definitely read! Alyn's review posted on Guilty Pleasures 3. Lucian Mondragon is a pack alpha that has lost almost everything.

His parents were killed in front of him as a child, his chosen mate was later killed right before his eyes by his twin brother. Rafael is the Vulkasin pack leader fighting to keep the chosen mate he so dearly loves. Falon, a half breed lycan and Alyn's review posted on Guilty Pleasures 3.

Blood Moon Rising: Uncertain Revenge by Peggy Poe Stern

Falon, a half breed lycan and Rafael's chosen mate, is now in the middle of a pack war over the blood law they must follow. Rafael swears that the reason he killed Lucian's so called mate was because she was a slayer and not really in love with his brother. Pack law states that slayers must be killed and Rafael swears he was simply abiding the law. Without concrete proof, Lucian swears that Rafael was mistaken and claims bloodrights to kill Rafael's mate as payment for taking his.

When the council agrees that Lucian's demand is just, Falon must decide, does she go with Lucian and become his mated Alpha to pack Mondragon, or does she end her life to finish the war. When the decision is taken from her, Falon must decide if she can deal with the heart break of losing her Rafa, and find a way to get under the icy exterior of her forced mate Lucian. Or will she break her vow and possibly destroy both packs. This book took me a while to get through. While the story was intriguing, I found myself struggling to get into it at first.

It took a while but once I got into the true conflict, I could not put it down. The anger Falon feels toward Lucian is fueled by passion. When the two of them are together, tension is putting it mildly.

Blood Moon Rising: Uncertain Revenge

The scenes are explosive and passionate to say the least, and her determination not to hurt either of the brothers is heartbreaking. She simply can't win until they truly understand her predicament. With that said, I must add a small spoiler and I am very against spoilers. This being a shifter book, it does involve a couple of sexual scenes involving wolves and humans. While the characters are remorseful for their actions, there is a scene when a wolf penetrates a human female and one where a human male is penetrating his female in her wolf form.

In this instance it did add to the characters and it further emphasized the Alpha's need to dominate his female in any way possible. I kept waiting to see if the prophecy in the book would be fulfilled and found myself frustrated when I was left with a cliffhanger awaiting the next book just as things were really getting interesting. Secrets have been revealed about Falon's past and I am curious to see if there are further explanations. The Alpha's have a difficult conflict with an easy fix but have not taken that leap of faith yet. Once I became involved with the book, I was pulled in and I find that my heart has softened for the Alphas.

I want to see them find their happiness and am curious to see where the author takes the series.

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May 08, Annie Under the Covers Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , covers-to-covet , king-of-the-harem , my-hottie-harem , arc , genre-erotic-romance , read-in , review-requests , pnr , shifters. Posted on Under the Covers 3. Karin Tabke pulls no punches in this passionate and animalistic erotic romance.

What I loved about the first book is its dark and sinful alpha men, Rafael and Lucien and the lone woman who stands between them. Things are a complete mess in the be Posted on Under the Covers 3. Things are a complete mess in the beginning. Falon wants nothing to do with Luca and at every turn, she makes it known that her heart lies with his brother and not with Luca.

There is no way he is backing down. She belongs to him now. And that is that. She definitely holds her own and in turn, gains the respect of both the Vulkusin and Mondragon packs. I have mixed feelings about this book because though it holds the same passion and the same intensity as the first book, I thought there were a lot of rough patches between Falon and Luca. Readers have already fallen in love with Rafa in the last book, so I was eager to see how Tabke would accomplish the hard task of making Falon love Luca just as much as Rafa in this book.

Luca is the exact opposite of Rafa. Where Rafa is honor and light, Luca is torment and darkness. Luca believes that Rafa, his brother, his own blood betrayed him when he stole the life of his chosen one, Mara all those years ago. The first sex between Falon and Luca is a hard one to read. Later sex scenes also gave me another reason to pause. I have read many erotic romances and some of them have pushed my limits, however none of them really stand next to how I felt about this one.

The wolf smexing was not to my liking. I get why the author did it.