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This is odd for us, but perfectly natural for the Dani, who happen to be expert hunters, but abysmal interior decorators.

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After the juggling act, the mime lights up an invisible cigarette, accidentally drops it on himself, and starts to frantically run back and forth in panic, due to being on fire. If a dangerous spider was on their left leg, they might declare that they have a spider on their south-west leg, before brushing it off. The Thaayorre people—also from Queensland Australia—use similar directional rules in their language.

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This constant requirement to state their direction makes them masters of orientation, able to navigate their environment with ease. It also makes their interpretation of the show wonderfully unique.

As English speakers with a solid number system, we can easily identify the number of people within each group by simply counting, allowing us to quickly make comparisons between groups. With the concept of responsibility baked into the English language, the English-speaker might declare that the mime killed himself. It seems intuitive to assume that everyone is experiencing everything the same way, but in reality, speaking a different language has the fascinating and awesome effect of diversifying how we encounter the world, painting it with a motley selection of fresh and vibrant colour, and transforming the viewer into a teller of unique and magnificent tales.

Similarly, carefully picking a suitable time to speak can make our speech more appealing and effective.

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Read Proverbs More than 15, lost their lives. However, many of the local people have deep-rooted Buddhist beliefs and little or no knowledge of Bible teachings. Our brothers discerned that immediately following the tsunami was not necessarily the best time to tell the grief-stricken victims about the resurrection hope. Instead, they used their gift of speech to focus on giving emotional support and explaining from the Bible why such terrible things happen to innocent people.

Two and a half years after the tsunami, they shared in a worldwide campaign to distribute Kingdom News No. Of course, cultures and religious beliefs vary greatly, so we need to be discerning when it comes to choosing the right time to speak. In what situations will selecting the right time to speak make our speech more effective? For example, someone may offend us, even with well-intentioned words.

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It would be prudent on our part to take time to reflect on whether the matter is serious enough to say something. If we must speak, it would not be wise to approach the offender when we are upset and perhaps might speak a bit rashly. Similarly, we need to be discerning when speaking about the truth to our unbelieving relatives.

We want them to come to know Jehovah, but we must be patient and perceptive. Speaking the right words at the right time may help to open their hearts. Sarcasm is often meant to be humorous, but it can quickly deteriorate into disrespectful, insulting speech. How is our heart involved in selecting the correct words? Our speech usually reflects how we truly feel about others.

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If our hearts are full of love and compassion, our speech will likely be positive and upbuilding. How can we enhance our ability to select the right words? If so, you may need to enlarge your vocabulary.

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One way to do this is to take note of how words are used in the Bible and in our Christian publications. Learn the meanings of unfamiliar expressions.

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More important, learn how to use words in a way that helps others. What effect will my choice of words have on my listener? Fittingly, the Bible uses the trumpet blast to illustrate the need for speech that is easily understood.

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An indistinct trumpet call could be disastrous for an advancing army. In the same way, if our speech is unduly vague or indirect, it may well be confusing or misleading. Of course, in our effort to keep our words crisp and clear, we would not want to be blunt or tactless. Jesus did not use flowery or ambiguous speech; nor did he employ harsh or hurtful language. Instead, he chose clear, simple expressions to reach the hearts of his listeners.

Let us now consider the third important aspect of our speech.