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Very few anthologies published before are still in print today. This one hit shelves in , and I could easily see it being a lifeline for so many teens now in as I am sure it has been for many teens and even adults for the past 23 years. Some of the stories do show their age; the Internet has changed the way that many teens can connect, even anonymously.

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The effect of the AIDS crisis is present throughout this anthology, manifesting sometimes in the stories themselves, or in the dedications. There is also a surprising amount of racial diversity within these stories, although the number of ownvoices is a little on the low side.

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  • But the quality of the stories is wonderful—how can you say no to an anthology with stories by luminaries such as Nancy Garden, Lois Lowry, Jaqueline Woodson, and Gregory Maguire? Listen Shop Insiders. Give the gift of the Read Harder Journal to the bookish folks in your life this holiday season!

    Internal Combustion (short story)

    I read a lot of anthologies, but check them out from the library. I just recently started downloading the short ebooks that are out there, including Hare Moon. Next anthology I want to read: Teeth. The other ones you mentioned look awesome though. Thanks for bringing my attention to them!

    Welcome to The Compulsive Reader!

    I read your article is very interesting to read, it is really very creative mind and thank you for sharing this wonderful article. I've always enjoyed short stories too.

    Sci-Fi Short Film Anthology - 1 Hour - DUST

    Besides reading my favorite authors, it's always a great way to sample some new ones. Thanks for the links. I look forward to reading them!

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    Post a Comment. I love short stories. I was totally the geeky kid in English class that paged through the gigantic textbook each year, peeking at all of the short stories listed, hoping that we got to read every single one.

    And as I got older, I definitely learned to appreciate the authors of short stories--they have to tell their story in a fraction of the amount of words it takes to make up a novel.