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A free follow-up call with me when you complete the course to guide you to continue implementing what you have learned on a daily basis. I will provide recommendations for how you can amplify your progress in the course for the future. Learn about this Eastern practice and how to use it on a daily basis to become the observer of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

The keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry

When we become the observer of our inner world, we are no longer pulled and pushed by our thoughts and emotions and we can allow things to pass through as waves on an ocean. Discover how to use your 5 senses to soothe yourself into calm and peace. We begin with the sense of touch as one of the senses we can use to foster a feeling of comfort and safety within ourselves. When we begin shifting our perspective on the very issues that are currently troubling us, we can begin to feel differently about the outlook and our own capacity to deal with them.

In order to really see the results you seek, you must be willing to step into this process fully because your mental health depends on it. I am there to guide you, but the responsibility to make the necessary changes needed are with you. This gives you time to practice the concepts and strategies fully. It is also important to continue practicing the various techniques you will learn ongoingly to make them into habits that will stay with you.

You can take as much time as you require with each module to ensure you get what you need from it, and go at your own pace. This limited time offer will be available after you complete the course in order to provide you with powerful guidance on how to maintain your progress and what to do next. If you would like to work with me , please email me at info drkasiawilk.

Freedom from stress, worry and anxiety course

The more you practice doing the mindset work, the greater the results you will see. You will have an opportunity to take a quiz at the beginning of the course to assess your severity of distress which will provide guidance on how much work will be required from you. Ridding yourself of the problem Join the global community of participants who are experiencing more freedom in their lives since mastering the tools to overcome the anxiety and stress that has been holding them back.

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You have physical symptoms of aches in the body, chest pains, racing heart, stomachache, trembling, or sweating every time you are faced with normal everyday situations and problems. You have difficulty sleeping due to having worrisome thoughts about a particular situation that is troubling you.

The Effects Of Mindfulness

You experience panic attacks when you are faced with situations that trigger a sense of danger and doom. Your mind wants to know what will happen constantly when you are faced with uncertainty. You procrastinate with taking action on the things that seem challenging or require effort. Your stress and anxiety paralyzes you and you feel unmotivated to move forward with finding solutions.

What you can expect from the course

No matter how hopeless your situation may seem right now, there is a way forward. You are going to feel confident in yourself that no matter how bad your anxiety is, you can handle it. You are going to learn how to have more control over your mindset and thoughts so they empower you rather than hold you back. You will develop more self-awareness that gives you power to step outside the vicious circle of anxiety.

You are going to learn how to be with an emotion of anxiety and understand the message it gives you. Meet your trainer: Dr. Kasia Wilk Kasia has worked with hundreds of people around the world helping them to resolve their anxiety through making empowered choices every day. What you can expect from the course This course is for you if you are willing to put in the work and apply all the practical concepts that I will guide you through.

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Module 1: An Introduction to Anxiety Here we will lay the foundation of understanding our anxiety and stress by noting how it is a common feeling that arises for humans which is completely normal, but for many people it can begin to become excessive. Module 2: Understanding and Mapping Your Personal Anxiety and Stress Response In this lesson you will be drawing out your own personal anxiety map with me to understand how you get trapped within a cycle of fear-based thinking and responses.

Modules Using Practical Tools to Cope with Anxiety and Stress Modules will provide you with the powerful tools you need to deal with each aspect of anxiety physical, emotional, and mental symptoms in three different lessons. Modules Resolving the Root Causes of Your Anxiety and Stress Once you discover how to manage and cope with the day to day symptoms of anxiety and stress, we can go even deeper into resolving the origins of your fears and worries. Modules Moving Forward In these final modules, we will tie everything together that we have done.

What my clients say Dr.

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    Top 20 tips for a stress-free life Share this on: Facebook Twitter Pintrest. Count: We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Top 20 tips for a stress-free life. Updated: Nov 7, , IST. Despite the fact that stress has adverse effects on our life, we still deny admitting that this could be a mental disorder. Leading a stressful life hinders our efficiency and lessens our ability to live a healthy and happy life.

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