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Some quotes seem to lead to the conclusion that he believed it was required for Christians. We offer here, a very choice selection of Spurgeon's best sermons! There is no doubt whatsoever that Spurgeon was a 5 point Calvinist. A Personal Introduction. He was a Baptist Preacher who was widely recognized as one of the great Preachers of his time.

London: Cassel, n. The collection of his recorded sermons fills 63 volumes and over 20 million words, making it the largest collection of books by a single Christian author. It did not take long for him to become one of the most famous preachers around. Books in which Scripture is reverently regarded as the only rule of faith and practice-- books in which Christ and the Holy Ghost have their rightful office-- books in which justification, and sanctification, and regeneration, and faith, and grace, and holiness are clearly, distinctly, and accurately delineated and exhibited, these are Charles Haddon Spurgeon was England's best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century.

You searched for: spurgeon quotes! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. I can recall an elderly woman who had found peace with God through my youthful ministry, and especially do 1 recollect her wail of woe as she told of the days of her ignorance, and the consequent godless bringing up of her children.

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These life-changing quotes are the distillation of 50, pages of reading of Charles H. In reading them, may you be as healed as Spurgeon was in saying them. Greatest Charles Spurgeon Quotes. These are read with an American accent in a way that lacks the dynamic of preaching, but if you have a hankering for Spurgeon in an audio format, here's a great source.

Read this biography to learn more about his childhood, profile, life and timeline. My brethren, we often ramble in our prayers after this, that, and the other, and we get nothing because in each we do not really desire anything. Here are some of his powerful quotes on leadership, ministry and spiritual Leadership Resources exists to equip and encourage pastors around the world to teach God's word with God's heart.

Charles Spurgeon is arguably one of the greatest preachers in the history of Christianity. Charles Spurgeon Quotes "Giving is true having. In honor of Mother's Day, here are a few other snippets from Spurgeon on the lasting impression that his mother had on his well-being and spiritual growth: "I was privileged with godly parents, watched with… "Solid scriptural theology should be valued in the church.

If it be not true it is Charles Spurgeon — , the great 19 th century Baptist minister, is one of the most oft-quoted preachers in Christian history.

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Create amazing picture quotes from Charles Spurgeon quotations. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did when i found them. If you were silent, you would be an exception to the universe. It is the only hope of a sinner, and the only true joy of the Christian — the great transaction, the great substitution, the great lifting of sin from the sinner to the sinner's Surety; the punishment of the Surety instead of the sinner, the pouring out of the vials of wrath, which were due to the I am grateful for the prince of preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon who changed the trajectory of history through his bold preaching and who forever changed the trajectory of my life through his faithful writing.

It is not a thing that a man dares to trifle with if it be true, for it is at his soul's peril to make a jest of it. Scripture has the power to defend itself. Share the thoughts with your friends, make sure to return for more Charles Spurgeon Quotes. Spurgeon quote. The "Prince of Preachers" Charles Spurgeon towers over Christian history as one of the most prolific preachers and writers. Share with your friends.

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Spurgeon - Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker C. The Lord delivered me in Posted on June 19, December 27, Charles H. I concur that fear of hell is not what leads people to Him. There is more Spurgeon material available today, than any other Christian author, living or dead. Charles Spurgeon believed his ministry benefited from the prayers of his people more than anything else. Feb 1, Explore williknevel's board "Spurgeon quotes", followed by people on Pinterest.

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Hey Drew wfh, Say more about what makes the difference substantial. Lewis must be the single most quotable Christian writer in the history of the church. Quotes, sayings and words of the man called the prince of preachers Charles Spurgeon was politically incorrect before political correctness was a thing. We should be better Christians if we were more alone, waiting upon God, and gathering through meditation on His Word spiritual strength for labour in his service. In the second of the quotes above, Spurgeon mentions 4 of the 5 points, but makes it clear elsewhere, his beliefs regarding the remaining point of Limited atonement, or particular redemption: I am quite certain that, if God had not chosen me, I should never have chosen Him; and I am sure He chose me before I was born, or else He never would have chosen me afterwards; and He must have elected me for reasons unknown to me, for I never could find any reason in myself why He should have looked upon me with special love.

When pastoring the suffering and depressed, Spurgeon seemed most often to have focused people on Christ crucified as the Man of Sorrows. Charles Haddon Spurgeon Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. Spurgeon's preaching references to John Bunyan: How has it come to pass, that in all times God's ministers have been made fearless as lions, and their brows have been firmer than brass; their hearts sterner than steel, and their words like the language of God? Ransom said. In his lifetime, Spurgeon preached to about 10 million people.

All my hope lies in this: that Jesus Christ came to save sinners. Spurgeon: Every now and then I meet with people whom I think to be rather weak in the head, who will journey from place to place and will perform follies by the gross under the belief that they are doing the will of God because some silly whim of their diseased brains is imagined to be an inspiration from above.

Spurgeon Inspirational Collection of Christian Quotations and Sayings "Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. He preached approximately sermons, wrote dozens of books, oversaw ministries to the poor and orphans, raised up new pastors, and countless other endeavors Welcome to the definitive Spurgeon quote resource on the web!

Click a button to the left, or a keyword in the description to jump to an area. Share with friends. Look below to see the Code Key If you simply take the name of Christ upon you and call yourself His servant, yet do not obey Him, but follow your own whim, or your own hereditary prejudice, or the custom of some erroneous church-you are no servant of Christ. His Mere Christianity alone is full of more quote-worthy insights and witticisms than many excellent Christian authors and thinkers manage in a lifetime of writing.

This article is part of the 10 Things You Should Know series. Support BibleSupport. Spurgeon A large video collection of classic hymns, contemporary Praise and Worship songs, and the works audio books, devotional readings, and sermons of men greatl Introduction he reconstitution of the nation of Israel in precipitated a flood of prophetic literature, from all of the millennial perspectives, dealing with biblical and theological significance of this event.

It is simply painted pageantry to go to hell in. Spurgeon considered Unconditional Election to be one of the greatest truths in the whole of revelation. It was said that he feared no man. He preached to thousands each Sunday and his sermons were mailed around the world.

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On the Atonement If Christ on His cross intended to save every man, then He intended to save those who were lost before He died. Explore some of Charles Haddon Spurgeon best quotations and sayings on Quotes. You may have even noticed that the young earth website Answers in Genesis is posting his old sermons and devotions. Check out these awesome quotes by Spurgeon. Quotes of Author: Ch-spurgeon. Spurgeon quickly became known as one of the most influential preachers of his time.

Charles H. See more ideas about Spurgeon quotes, Charles spurgeon quotes and Charles spurgeon. Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. These 20 Charles Spurgeon quotes will encourage and inspire you to greater prayer. Spurgeon was a preacher in 19th century England. Doth not the thunder praise him as it rolls like drums in the march of the God of armies?

Now I might be distracted by the worries of this world, and other temptations. But at such times, I can claim the strong promise of God. It's almost overwhelming to realize how much GOD covets and values my time with Him! I don't know if I have properly described the picture that I see in my mind - but this is a deeply moving and motivating picture for me.

So I hope we never forget this. I hope that we can pray, knowing that the angels of the Lord stand guard over us like the herd of adult musk oxen protects its young. Dear child of God, have you seen the God who got all excited to talk to you when you got down to pray? What an amazing God we have!