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It's not just his renowned skills as a veterinarian, his tremendous love of dogs, or the fact that he turned his homestead in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains into a world-class canine training and rescue facility. Ask his six grown children who run Waterford Farm for him, and they'll tell you that their father's nickname is due to his uncanny ability to pull a few strings to get what he wants.

And what he wants is for his four sons and two daughters to find the kind of life-changing love he had with his dearly departed wife, Annie. This old dog has a few new tricks Published since , Roxanne St. In addition to being a ten-time nominee and one-time winner of the prestigious RITA TM Award for the best in romance writing, Roxanne's novels have won the National Readers' Choice Award four times and have been translated into dozens of languages. A recent empty-nester, Roxanne lives in Florida with her husband and two dogs.

The International Journal for the History of Cartography

Agnes Santorini, known as "Yiayia" to her Greek clan, only has one thing on her Christmas list -- a brown short-haired dachshund that matches the one she dreamed about, certain that pup can save her aging heart. When she learns that a local man has this very dog for adoption, she and her partner-in-crime, Gramma Finnie, leash up their current doxies and join forces with their great-granddaughter to get their paws on the pooch.

But things don't go quite as smoothly as expected. A quick walk through the town of Bitter Bark turns complicated when the dog's owner has a simple demand, which sets off a series of events that have two grannies and one girl dashing through the snow with two dogs in tow. As they meet every demand and overcome every obstacle, Yiayia shares the secret of her past But even if they manage to get the dog under their Christmas tree, that might not be where the little fellow belongs.

Bibliography: Imago Mundi: Vol 67, No 2

And maybe, just maybe, Yiayia's heart can be healed by a completely different kind of love Daniel Kilcannon has not only orchestrated wonderfully happy endings for his six adult kids, he's also found one of his own. That leaves his grown nieces, nephews, and stepkids all in need of their own magical romances.

Is the Dogfather too preoccupied with his new lady love to pull the strings and make the matches? But never fear, there's a new team in town and these two might be polar opposites in life, but they are lined up in love. Meet Yiayia and Gramma Finnie Together, along with two darling dachshunds, these Dogmothers won't stop until all of their grandchildren are hooked, hitched, and happy!

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Brother Steve's visitor's book 2001-2002

Meet the Brannigan brothers—seven sexy brothers who bring the heart and the heat! You won't want to miss a single one! After spending his youth helping his widowed father raise six younger brothers, James took a cue from his workaholic dad and channeled all his energy into business. So when he learns that his father left him a tiny winery on the Amalfi Coast, he's not thrilled.

A trip to Italy is the last thing his busy schedule needs, but the winery has to go.

Which means Kyra Summers is the definition of a free-spirit. Her job at a small, local winery is her first attempt to make a real home and the people who run the place start to become like family to her. Until the winery's new owner, a devastatingly handsome, shockingly ruthless billionaire, arrives with plans to shut it all down. Kyra's willing to do whatever it takes to save this place she loves--even if it means cozying up to a man who's harder than granite and twice as cold.

Never Look Back

What a great help - and an inspiration too. I also had a chronic shoulder problem and had to give up the celtic harp, so now it's the whistle not as easy as I thought it was going to be. So much useful information about the tin whistle. I will get a lot of help from your clear discussion of ornaments. Discussion of jigs also very good. Thanks for your hard work. I'm from Squamish, British Columbia.

I've been listening to the likes of Mary Bergin doing passages with triple tonguing, which I could not, for the life of me, figure out. Your Daah blaah blaah method sounds like the solution to the long musical mystery. My name is Yan and I want to say thanks! I'm professional percussionist and now play drums in Russian Celtic Rock group 'Tintal' but my soul sometimes want to fill melodies and tunes.

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I've been playing wooden flute for the past 10 years and only in the last year have I started to make the progress I was looking for. Now as I get closer to playing the way I want to, I get a new respect for the subtle things that can have a large effect on your playing. I talk to a few people locally who are at earlier stages in their playing and I'm going to point them in your direction.

Long may you Dahh Blahh Blahh.

The tutorials are really helpful and I will continue using them regularly. Thanks for your work, it is much appreciated and marvelled at! I have been having a go for the last couple of years and like your informal way of instruction. Tom Gallagher Gallagher website not very snzzy, huh?

There's a lot of work and experience reflected here and I've enjoyed reading the few pages I've been able to take in not a lot of time right now.

Trust me, I've bookmarked your site. I love the non- technical, almost "Whistles For Dummies" writing style: very conversational, as if we were in my living room. I love it! I've been searching forever for a page like this. Now i can finally learn all the basic.

Thanks for everything. Because of your site, I'm finally making progress on the tin whistle my spouse got for me two Xmasses ago! I'm totally amateur, but loving it! Wizzy thinks you web site is a toper, well done the stuff is about right. But we think you need to have a Free sample Alba whistle to give a good work out, then maybe you can see where its at man. Viset our site send us an E Big D will get back to you. Stacey albawhistles. Thank you for the time and effort it took to put it together just so whistlers can get better!

I' m actually more of string instruments fan though i must admit tin whistle is really haunting.. I really appreciate your thoughtful approach to vibrato and tonging ie admitting that different folks have different approaches that are all valid, rather than declaring that only one way is right. Your sound clips are very nice as well.

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A friend and I were trying to figure out slides by experimenting. Your information on portamento was very helpful.