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Instead of hoping and praying, you can start praying and taking receiving.

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As always, if you need a partner to agree with you in prayer, please call our prayer ministers at or submit a prayer request. Any day of the year, we're here for you!

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Therefore, the great care and concern in prayer is that it be of God in the quickenings and motions of his own Spirit. For the dead cannot praise God, nor can the dead truly pray to him. True prayer is not in the time, in the will or in the power of the person praying. Rather, it is a gift of God that resides in his Spirit. It is not ours, but it is given to us. Therefore, it is ours to wait upon the Spirit, to wait for the Spirit to move and breathe in us, and to give us the ability to call upon the Father and give us the power of prevailing with the Father, in the name and through the life of the Son.

So, when we pray from our flesh, our will or our human spirit, answers are hit and miss.

Six Prayers God Always Answers

God is God, and He does as He pleases, for our good and His glory. And, as our prayers are uttered and answered, our faith gets stronger. Over time, we learn what to pray for and why. Therefore, Jesus says that we shall pray, and we will receive, so that our joy might be full.

It is obvious that our joy will be full when we receive everything we want to have.

How To Get Your Prayers Answered

This puts an end to all disappointments, anxieties, discouragement, etc. We will always be glad and satisfied. All things work together for our good if we fear God. The necessary, temporary things will then be added to us as a gift. However, if we seek our own, everything will interfere with our plans, and anxiety, unbelief, and dark clouds of discouragement will roll into our life.

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Three Keys To Answered Prayer

However, he goes on to describe in-depth that the grace that is in Christ Jesus means so much more than forgiveness. It also means truth and help. It teaches us not to sin, so that we can be completely free to live a life of victory that leads to perfection. Why does God refuse to answer your prayers?

E-books Check out our selection of free e-books! Written by Aksel J. Removing iniquity and abiding in His Word The condition is that we abide in Jesus and that His words abide in us.

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But certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer. All my prayers will only receive this one reply: Remove iniquity from your life! I will only find the life of Christ to the extent that I am willing to lose my life.

Removing iniquity and abiding in His Word

My thoughts, my mind, and my everything have to be with Jesus, and His Word must abide in me. Then I can pray for what I desire, and it shall be done for me.

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