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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life Lyrics Some people shoot for the stars Dream upon dream They long to go far Chasing their rainbow so high Wish upon wish They'll reach for the sky But I got one little dream And baby that's all I want Girl it's up to you You can make my dreams come true CHORUS: I just want to be the one in your life Forever, for always I just want to be the one in your life Forever, for always I don't need cheers from the crowd To make me feel big To make me feel proud Darlin' just a little touch of your hand Is all that I need To feel like a man And I keep hoping each day I won't dream my life away Girl you hold the key To make my dream a reality I just want to be the one in your life Forever, for always I just want to be the one in your life Forever, for always I just want to be the one in your life Forever, for always I just want to be the one in your life Forever, for always.

More on Genius. Even Now Barry Manilow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life

Looking for song that goes like "well it's been the longest day you wish you could hit erase but you are lucky that way " Guys im looking for a song that went like "Acting like animals like you" I heard it earlier but the lyrics weren't clear: It was a female singing but can you guys help please? The Artist's name is Ruby Amanfu and the songs title is Breathe. Anyone know the name of the song to the lyrics: The beat doesn't stop me baby!

I'm watching your legs moving, can't hear a word you saying! What is the name of the song that opens the trailer for Feast of the Seven Fishes. It begins with the lyrics I heard a son a while ago and up until now I don't know the name of the artist or full lyric The is something like I can never really be alone.. I am looking for a love song. I was soooooo incredibly young when I first heard it but I fell in love with it at the time. The video was her in a city at night time and she had gotten on a bus and left her ex boyfriend, or boyfriend, at the time.

When the bus pulled off her face was all over the city because she was famous from writing that song about him breaking her heart. Please help!!

Lonestar - I Want To Be The One Lyrics |

I really wanna find this song and I've been googling for hours and can't find anything.. Looking for a song and I have a few parts I can tell: Don't let me, don't let me miss this moment, I believe, I believe you're going to show up? Every low, every high, you make me feel or come alive It's a beautiful world I'm or we're living.

I found my own!!!! Every low, every high, they make me feel alive. Don't let me miss this beautiful life. I'm looking for a song that came out in the seventies, around : I said Hey, everybody! You got to listen [ I'm looking for a song. I heard this song on movie netflix call "Cable girls".

I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life Lyrics

This song is from season 1 episode 8 when Carlos propose to Lidia. I'm hoping someone can help me find the name to a song; I only know the following lyrics; The beat doesn't stop me baby! I can see your legs moving, can't a hear a word you saying.. That's all I know unfortunately, any help would be appreciated - Thanks! Looking for a rap song released around or so. Lyrics are something like "Keep hoes in the friend zone it's less confusion" "The way a nigga can't be touched I feel immortal".

Looking for a song, but the only parts I remember and not in any particular order are: "I use comedy to Hide I am looking for a song and the lyric goes like these. Hmm yeah aa. I have been living the word of past, walking in sadness,carrying my past with me oh my God rescue me Speak the word to me. Plz I need the name of the song and the artist. I'm hoping someone can help me find the song with the lyrics: The beat doesn't stop me baby!

I can see your leg moving, can't hear a word you sayin' That's all I recall unfortunately! Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks. Hello, I'm searching for a english song, that was on the radio this or last year a lot. It was sing by a men and the lyrics were about that he is like he is and don't want to change and tge people can think about him what they want, he doesn't care. I 'm not sure about this but in the end of the song I think he's singing something about that it's harder than he thought it would be.

I know that's not much information but maybe someone knows a song like this.

I can't find a song that I barely heard on the radio today. It went like that "cause iiiiiii cant" and then not sure i tried on youtube but only irrelevant results. There's a song I'm trying to find its a rap song and it has 3 different voicemails in the song from 3 different ex girlfriends. The first is by a girl that asks him why he isn't at the party. Im looking for a song that kinda goes like this, I just died in your arms, And I begging you to go o oh. Let me lose my heaaaaaaaaaaaart heart heart ohhh,.

I think that's Matt Woods, "In the Dark".

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I been binge watching Netflix's Daybreak show and was trying to find who sings and the name of the song played in Season 1 Episode 5. I dont know the lyrics just a part of it maybe something like "you might as well" or something like that but in the video there is a man with a large head watching some girls dance. Hope this helps. This song has a chorus line where the ooooooo..

Looking for a country breakup song sung by a female. She's singing about looking like the bad guy but she tried too, and her heart is broken too. There might be the words "screen door" somewhere in the chorus.

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  8. I don't know the exact lyrics but I heard it a couple of times on the radio in Canada in Hello, At fist - my english is not good enougt to catch actual lyrics. I would be really thankful! It was somethink like "Funny night far away from me Singer was a woman. Omg, yes! I am still searching. Maybe you can help me with the lyrics? Did you catch another words? It seems like indie pop and I absolutely love it. Find an island far away from me A shipwreck lost at sea Its really to find this song Definitely vibes Can't find a song. Looking for a song I heard on YouTube, it got recommended to me.

    Forgot the title as it was pretty long, and I have my history on hold : It has something like: And i'd cross the road when we're on the same side, just to miss the "how are you? I'm fine" I think it also has something like "my heart won't forget you" or idk, i think it was something like that? And another line like, "you'd buy a wedding ring but its not for my finger?

    The Megas - Get Equipped - 02 I Want to be the One/Dr. Wily

    Please help me find this song, the one who sings it is a female singer. I could only hear the following: Yeah, you don't know how beautiful you are. One look at you and i see stars then shinning up over my head I hope you know this what that i've said I'm not sure about this word, but what i heard it is "less ley" I hope some hour that you just will take time to see what i see I am looking for a song. It goes like this: Everybody everybody feeling good right now everybody everybody sing it loud. Everybody everybody feeling good right now.

    I think it is a male Singer. Hope I help you. Does anyone know that song where the guy is wrapping in some suburbs wearing galaxy clothing and has a shaved head it's pretty new. I am looking for a song I heard in or about Lady soul singer. I thought it was by Donna Summers. Simply Fred wore black turtlenecks almost exclusively, despite the punishing St. Louis heat. He gesticulated wildly with his hands, which he tucked into his sleeves, giving him the effect of an inflatable dancing man outside of a goth used car dealership.

    I closely monitored my every word, my every gesture, my every letter S , but Simply Fred let it all hang out. He was proud of himself.

    He was too gay to function, and yet he functioned. As a teenage boy. In To this day, I fear and envy Simply Fred. There was not yet a word for the music I was falling in love with, which made it feel even more like it had been made just for me. In the summer of , the teenaged record-buying American public spoke with one voice, and it was the voice of a year-old dental hygienist named Pam. They were their own Kidz Bop. This is what our culture is missing right now.

    This is the void they should have pushed Malaya Watson into on American Idol.