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In it exported 12, tonnes of produce to the UK. Emergosol is aiming to grow within that market, mainly through other products such as the sweet potato, with several tentative steps already having been taken. At the same time it also wants to start working with other European countries, having carried out a few exports to Ireland. Prime portuguese produce. A Emergosol comercializa um leque variado de produtos de qualidade e tem um conhecimento profundo do mercado.

In the export season, the company was nr. Extrafrutas is keen to increase its export volumes to the principal markets of Brasil, Canada and France. According to the managing director of Extrafrutas, Lucinda Franco, the Brazilian market is growing rapidly. To Canada pear is sold from August to January and the company objective is to grow the market through the existing customers. In what concerns France, exports happen from February onwards.

Lucinda Franco awaits the development of this market with expectation due to the economic recession. The Extreme brand, presented in quality cartons of 5 and 10 kg, highlights the quality of the pear in an attractive packaging. Extrafrutas produces pear in 30 ha of partly young orchard. In order to increase efficiency the company invested recently in a new harvest system which already has proven to be of success. Na campanha a Extrafrutas ficou classificada como Rocha pear. Founded in , Ferreira da Silva boasts a profound knowledge of the activity and benefits from a strategic location in the Oeste region, which is the nucleus of fruitgrowing and selling in Portugal.

Continuous investment in qualified human resources, its installations, equipment and its own fleet, with the aim of maintaining of improving efficiency and quality have greatly assisted in the strong expansion of the company. As an example, in , it increased its cooling capacity to 6, tonnes of which 3, is under a controlled atmosphere and is aiming to reach 10, tonnes in BRC certification is also currently underway. Over the past three years, Ferreira da Silva has strongly increased exports, with particular focus on the United Kingdom.

Last year, the principal products exported were pear 6, tonnes , apple 1, tonnes and pumpkin tonnes. The company is present in major European, Latin Americam, Middle Eastern and Asian markets in a direct manner through the Doce Mel brand or indirectly via subsidiary companies or through partnerships.

This year, a new calibrator will be installed in order to increase export volumes.


Invest to grow. Por exemplo, em , aumentou a capacidade de frio para 6. It is specialized in producing excellent quality lilium, which is recognized by Dutch commercial agents. The company grows lilium on 1. It also has experience in growing sunflower, iris and freesias. When the economical crisis closed this exportation cycle, Florhorta focused on diversification as a way to attract national customers. To achieve it and to find new business partners the company has the backing of Portugal Fresh. Lilium Iris Freesia Sunflower. He has been producing since March , using a hydroponic system with stone wool.

Cultivation is carried out on five hectares of greenhouses and in April a further 1,5 hectare will be introduced. Focus is on vine tomato, which is the most sought after for its colour, flavour and extended post-harvest longevity. Courgette and cucumber are also produced but on a smaller scale. We want to produce tomato of an high quality and find a balance between quantity and quality.

Growing well does not mean growing a lot.

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The year was for the company to export to France, with varieties more adapted to that market; is a year to invest in commercializing the produce in Spain, by choosing the most appropriate varieties. Quality exports Production calendar Jan. Production is mainly channelled into mainstream distribution.

The fresh juice transforming plant was created in and its production capacity was recently increased.

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Meanwhile, the natural smoothies were introduced. The transformed products ranges are all based on apple, on its own or blended with other products such as strawberry, pear, carrot, orange, pineapple, banana or lemon. The juices have won awards in various competitions, national and international. Even though Portugal is still the main market for these products, they are already exported to Spain, France, Sweden and Norway. Entretanto, foram criados os smoothies naturais.

In Frustock launched the Just 4 Day brand, a range of natural juices that guarantees the highest levels of quality and freshness. This unique flavour is preserved thanks to an innovatory extraction technology that minimizes the incorporation of essential oils and bitter components which are found in the peel.

The juice is immediately frozen so it keeps the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of a freshly squeezed orange. Making up the Just 4 Day brand are frozen orange, lemon and grapefruit juices, sold in frozen packages of one and five litres, valid for 12 months without pasteurization. Frustock specialises in food distribution aimed at the Horeca channel, supplying a vast range of products. In Portugal it has three storage and distribution platforms, in Sintra, Maia and Algarve, ensuring a daily distribution via a fleet of vehicles specifically-equipped with a remote monitoring system.

It is headquartered in Caldas da Rainha, in Portugal Oeste region, one of the biggest apple producing areas in the country. This cooperative boasts a total production area of hectares which includes new orchard area. Annual production currently sits at 8, tonnes, with current forecasts pointing to an increase up to 10, tonnes a year.

This OP has reported consistent growth in recent years, especially in the exports market to destinations such as Brazil, France, Britain and Poland. In Frutalvor exported 3, tonnes. The remaining produce is absorbed by large Portuguese supermarket chains.

Como Fazer Uma Bolsa Com Fio de Malha - Tutorial de Crochê

It works with Frutalvor and Dopomar brands. The increased production resulted in the expansion of the existing facilities, with the aim to create more advanced technological conditions.

e-book Padrões de saco de mão para Crochet (Portuguese Edition)

Frutalvor currently has 19 refrigeration chambers, of which 13 are in a controlled atmosphere. Frutalvor A growing cooperative. Trabalha com as marcas Frutalvor e Dopomar.


Em , a Frutalvor exportou 3. Frutas Classe has been producing strawberries since , in the Caldas da Rainha region, in the deep West, and also lends support to other strawberry producers. In the company produced tonnes and sold more than tonnes from its partnering producers. Half of the produce is grown in greenhouses, the rest in open-air fields, to complete the cycle and grow strawberries all year round see photo, in January.

The company also invested heavily in its selection of varieties, using certain varieties for specific markets, and it is also transfering peak production times to the period between July and October. Another important factor lies in the care taken during harvest and transportation: in the field the strawberry is picked, packed into containers and labelled then stored in cold chambers until it is expedited.

Sweet flavours.

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Em produziu toneladas e comercializou mais toneladas de produtores parceiros. Strawberry Rocha pear.

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  8. It is a company which is in a process of expansion and internationalisation, led by a family of entrepreneurs who have put into practice their visions for the market and the future. Besides the sale of horticultural and fruit produce by producers from the region, Portugal and other countries, it has now commenced with its horticultural development in Moroccco. Expansion has been the motto of this group and was an outstanding year. For example, it signalled the start of greenhouse tomato production in Portugal using hydroponics which was led by the company Framboesa Encantanda, which is part of the group.

    In the same year, the group also purchased various hectares of orchards in the southwest of France with the aim of guaranteeing market supply and product quality.

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    It also continued explanding horticultural production in Morocco and invested in a new calibrator which has been operational since last summer. In the meantime, the building of new installations is already well underway. Visions of the future. Today the cooperative has members mainly producing Rocha pear and lemon. In the company produced In the near future Frutoeste expects an increase in the production potential due to renewal of existing production and to new orchards being planted.

    Frutoeste is one of the biggest producers of lemon in the country, with yearly sales of 1, tonnes from 97 member growers. The lemon is produced on the atlantic cliffs in the counties of Mafra and Torres Vedras, where the temperature ranges are low and the crop is exposed to the prevailing winds from the Atlantic.