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Amedy Coulibaly, «l'exemple à suivre»

The Commission on Universities seeks to equip faculty to meet those challenges head-on. Our proposal is a series of documents, electronic and paper, including social media, for French higher education faculty across the country. Join the Co-Chairs of the Cinema Commission for an informal working meeting. How may we best serve the AATF membership? This session is open to all! Your suggestions are welcome.

Robin Simcox: "Deluded" To Think Mass Amnesty Leads to Stable Countries

Come and explore Mystery Skype with us—alternative to guest speakers and field trips. Immersive and interactive experiences will get your students talking. Intermediate Level Literary Criticism leads students to approach texts in the target language from a critical perspective early in their language learning. Learn how to initiate students to literary analysis as early as intermediate level, and forever dispel the fear of literature in the target language.

We will address how to bring French Studies into the 21st century through intersections of inclusion, diversity, issues of race, ethnicity, gender, and interdisciplinarity in order to expand our student audiences. We share concrete strategies, linked to standards, useful to a wide variety of classrooms and institutional contexts.

Simulations, apps, literature, and film included. Intervenante: E. Vive la Francophonie! Qui sont-ils? The teacher shortage is becoming one of the greatest threats to French language education. This interactive presentation will suggest practical, low prep activities for the modern, diverse classroom to increase affinity with French and explore careers in education. Public: secondaire universitaire Sessions — mardi 16 juillet Session officielle de la Commission sur la Technologie le mardi 16 juillet Heure: 15hh30 Salle: A1. The number of immigrants and refugees in our educational institutions continues to grow.

This interactive session will address challenges, research-based practices, and strategies that might enhance intercultural skills and mutual understanding for both hosts and newcomers. The presenter will demonstrate that the pathway to intercultural competence is rocky because of the cultural adjustment that hosts and guests need to make. Over the years, several French-speaking writers have distinguished themselves by traveling to distant parts of the world, and consequently sharing their observations and ideas with the rest of humanity.

French Resources

It will be enhanced by PowerPoint and his live performance of original songs on guitar and sulcimer, made by the famous French luthier James Trussart. The presenters will give a brief overview of the Grand Concours , a national assessment currently taken by nearly , students around the nation and the world. The yearly National French Contest is used successfully, inside and outside the classroom, to promote and support French programs in middle schools and high schools.

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Music and film provide positive and entertaining incentives for students to reach the various goal levels. In order to become more effective global citizens, sustain our French heritage, and develop a new generation of French speakers through heritage or by affinity, it is essential for us to work together as educators and in our communities to strengthen existing programs and to expand opportunity for continued French language study, especially through heritage, FLES, and immersion programs. Are you a chapter officer? Do you have an idea to share—something that has worked well for your chapter and would be easy to implement in another?

Or, is your chapter in need of fresh ideas, having a hard time overcoming a challenge, or needing some help? Bring your great ideas and your struggles to this round-table session and connect with, share, and learn from other chapter officers. The presenter will discuss the French and International Business B. Intervenante: Jean Copeland , J. As we know the Francophone world brings us, through one language, a myriad of diverse aspects of the French culture, and as we introduce these differences to our students, we must equip them with the means to understand their subtleties and nuances and to respect their differences.

MAG French edition

Please come and let us brainstorm together to see how we can use the ACTFL Intercultural Communication Proficiency Benchmarks and Can Do Statements to create fun and engaging intercultural lessons and projects that will help our students gain the global competencies that they will need in our ever changing global world. Si oui, lequel? Are you looking for ways to promote creativity and student voice in the classroom? Participants will explore various ways that students can share their understanding of the content in creative ways using technology.

Participants will leave with ideas for both spoken and written communication in the French for all levels. Bring a device and get ready to create and share your voice. Halatine wrote after fleeing her home in Mali in Fleeing violence against Tuaregs in Mali, she fled to Mauritania and then to France. Intervenant: Perry Moon , Stephen F. Austin State University TX. The presenter will demonstrate how greater cultural awareness can be integrated into the language classroom without sacrificing the use of the target language.

He will demonstrate a three-step progression from simple classroom activities to the presentation of cultural information using the target language to online discussions about cultural differences. S On peut se tutoyer? Discover how one pair of schools advocated to strengthen a French program in jeopardy.

French Resources

Using a grass roots and student-led approach, students and teachers successfully collaborated to build and solidify the program at all levels. Come away with personalized strategies for creating a penpal exchange program between cluster schools. Bonus: not only are students engaged, administrators love this! Learn to create and implement online surveys and polls with the free version of Poll Everywhere. As students engage in easy-to-use, non-threatening, and highly visual informal assessment, teachers receive instant feedback on student comprehension.

French-English Dictionary (35, Entries)

Audience will participate in multiple examples of polls for novice, intermediate, and advanced levels related to numerous themes. La Francophonie, an upper-division French linguistics course, explores language variation, attitudes, and politics. After a brief synopsis of course goals and content, the presenter will discuss active learning strategies used to achieve global awareness, perspective, and engagement.

After discussing the challenges of using City as Text and integrating TalkAbroad, we will conclude with some active learning strategies for the audience. How to introduce a full-length novel at the Intermediate French level? The presenter will present the novel Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran , and describe the development of reading materials and strategies for the course.

The presenter will share a Reader Theater project as well as students perception of the novel and the project. Materials and detailed information will be provided. French programs benefit from a diverse array of courses aligned with student career goals, but uneven enrollments in specific purpose courses make them difficult to schedule regularly. Corpus lexicographical tools provide a solution by facilitating a modular approach tailored to student needs and interests in general courses.

The presenter will offer an introduction to using online linguistic corpora for curricular development. Have you considered incorporating an interview with a native speaker into your instruction on French and Francophone cultures, or have you perhaps already done so? You will be able to hear the details of one such project at the third-year college level but adaptable to lesser and greater language experience , practice interview techniques, and share your experiences and ideas on the subject.

This interactive session explores how the study of francophone language policy, linguistic and cultural diversity, and specific profiles of multilingual speakers can lead students to reflect more deeply on their own language learning contexts. By examining a wide variety of models, students can set clearer goals for building their linguistic and intercultural proficiency in French and in other languages. Images are a powerful tool for promoting active learning and exposing students to French culture.

In this session, the presenter will explore ways in which an Internet meme featuring Emmanuel Macron can be used to stimulate communication, cultural understanding, discourse analysis and grammatical competence.

Language with the 5 Senses is a unique method that engages the senses to promote fluency and proficiency. During this session, there will be a detailed explanation of the method and a sample lesson in French.

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  • Participants will receive specific activities to use in class. This session will focus on different types of writing assignments and focused correction. It will get your students writing more and you grading less. Get your device or pencil and paper ready and join us for this interactive session.

    This paper examines the importance of food in French cultural studies from a broad and interdisciplinary perspective. By numerous external measures, food is still something that the French do extremely well. Good for beginners. Memrise User-friendly interface with communally-created programs. Particularly useful for learning vocabulary.